The Night and Day of Rolex Watches

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Whenever wristwatches are mentioned, the first brand that crosses people's minds is Rolex. And for a good reason. It has been reigning over the watch industry for more than a hundred years, ever since its foundation in the 1900's. The innovative nature of the company helped it become one of the most reputable businesses and a symbol of style and wealth.

A Remarkable Gift

Sold at an auction for a whopping price of $17.8 million, a very special Rolex Daytona became the record holder for the most expensive Rolex wristwatch ever sold. Surprisingly, it's not made out of any rare or special materials. It's who wore it beforehand that made it valuable.

Paul Newman was gifted this watch by his wife, Joanne. It has long been considered the greatest wristwatch on the planet among watch collectors. It's relatively well preserved, with a leather strap and a metal casing. On the back is an engraving that says "Drive Carefully Me" - a message from his wife. It features a very special dial, named "Paul Newman dial" after its original owner.

Dial Down The Price

For a more affordable look, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual line of watches is as cheap as they get. A used one can be found for just over $2000, while a brand new timepiece can go for around $5000-6000. Still, the all-metal build is well worth the price, especially for a Rolex trademark. Both strap and the case are made out of industry-grade stainless steel and combined with scratchproof sapphire crystal glass. It's a classic look and a Rolex symbol in its purest form.

Comparison of Rolex Timepieces

When looking at the prices, these two are incomparable. Worn by an iconic movie star, the 'Paul Newman's Rolex' has a historic value that no other watch can ever have. Also, its iconic dial can be found on only 2000 other watches in the world. Astonishingly, the Rolex Oyster watches have a steel strap that is arguably more durable than the leather one on Newman's Daytona. Furthermore, the Rolex Oyster is an economical choice that can be afforded by almost any regular person.

When choosing your own Rolex watch, keep in mind your budget. Pick one that closely resembles your personal style and your outfits. Most of them are suitable for both everyday use and in formal occasions. Whatever your choice is, a Rolex wristwatch is a quality and worthwhile investment that will last you a lifetime.