Top 5 Tips to Choose a Replica Rolex Watch for Men

From James Bond’s legendary Rolex Submariner in “Dr.No” to the exquisite Rolex Day-date in the 1992 hit “Glengarry Glen Ross”, luxurious Rolex timepieces have always been a fashion statement and a testament of power. With one on your arm, you get to walk a day in the lavish shoes of your favorite movie icons, singers, industry pioneers, presidents, and other high-ranking personalities. Such a watch is sure to turn heads, both figuratively and literally, in your direction.

A look at significant features of male Rolex watches and the hottest selling series in the market

A masculine Rolex watch stands out sometimes at a glance just by its outlook. Stainless steel cases feature prominently in Rolex items review listings as a standout quality as does a cyclops date magnifier and the trademark smooth oyster case. The watch case back is usually devoid of engravings, monikers or any other imprints instead opting for a smooth and seamless surface.

For excellent choices to consider, the Rolex Submariner proves arguably the most popular make of the brand name in its entirety. This stardom status can be traced back to its role in blockbuster movie franchises from past and present film eras.

Five vital pointers on choosing a replica Rolex men's watch

If you are new to clone watches, let the following Rolex replica shopping tips help you out the best Rolex copies:

 1) A minimalist design is the general rule of thumb for men’s Rolex watches as they offer a luxurious versatility that makes any outfit classy.

 2) The size of your wrists typically dictates the ideal dial size to prioritize. If you have large ones, go for big dials and vice versa.

 3) A Rolex with a leather wrist band is the gold standard of opulence as the band material is just as important as the caliber of the dial itself. Additionally, gold and silver plates are accomplished accents of royalty and make excellent band materials as well.

 4) If you are always in a strenuous field work environment, consider getting a robust build such as the Rolex explorer which has excellent longevity and endurance.

 5) The fewer complications, i.e. compass accessories and other additional features, the better. One with too many functional aspects gives off a nerdy appearance while a simple touch exudes style and character without saying too much.

Why buy a clone Rolex timepiece instead of the original version?

An authentic Rolex Submariner, for example, will have you plunging deep into your pocket to meet a bill of about $8000. For just about $7,800 less that amount, you can get a replica with perfect attention to specification down to the last detail without footing an eye-watering price tag that could easily be a month or two worth of salary. What’s more, no one is bound to notice the difference, so you pretty much get superb clone Rolex value for your money.