How to check the authenticity of a Rolex Watch

A Rolex is undoubtedly the ideal watch that every man with a sense of fashion and elegance dreams of owning. Choose ten men at random and ask them to mention any brand of watches. At least eight of them will bring up the name Rolex. For a woman in love, it is among the perfect gifts that can be given to the man you love on his birthday, your wedding anniversary or other special occasions. The brand is popular across the world, from North America to Africa, and from Europe to Asia. There is no doubt that nearly everyone has come across, read or heard about Rolex watches.

Unique features of Rolex watches

The following are characteristics that place Rolex watches way ahead of other brands:

1. Each watch takes several months to produce, and almost everything is made in-house at any of the four modern manufacturing locations distributed across Switzerland.

2. Each movement consists of several carefully-manufactured parts that are assembled to create a high-performing and long-lasting product.

3. All wristwatches manufactured by Rolex (with the exception of Sea dweller models) are designed with unique bubble magnification feature popularly known as Cyclops. The feature enables magnification of the aperture by 250%.

4. The watches are made using 904L stainless steel grade. No other wristwatches are manufactured using a similar grade of the material.

5. Other products in the market are usually engraved with assorted logos and designs at the back. However, most Rolex wristwatches are not.

The above are facts about the Rolex watch that make the product so popular in all continents across the world.

How to check the authenticity of a Rolex watch

A Rolex watch generally signifies refinement and sophistication. It is, without a doubt, a brand value watch. This explains why there are thousands of counterfeits in the market. Nearly every day, hundreds of unsuspecting people across the world are hoodwinked into purchasing fake watches at exorbitant prices, with the false belief that they are getting genuine pieces.

The following are guidelines that can help you determine the authenticity of a Rolex watch before making a purchase decision:

1. On one hand, movement of second-hand in ordinary watches is generally truncated and jumpy- given that most of the products are quartz. However, the motion in Rolex watches is almost smooth because the second hand moves automatically. As a result, Rolex watches produce no ticking sounds.

2. Examine how the date window is magnified. To make things easier for clients, genuine pieces are designed with a Cyclop/ small magnification lens that covers the dial. It is not easy to fake this part, so most counterfeit Rolex watches are built with materials that seem to be magnification panels. However, the close inspection would reveal that the parts are in fact made of ordinary glass.

3. Make the stem lose and then change the date by turning back the second and minute hands. It should revert to the original date upon going back to position 6. If this is impossible on your Rolex watch, then the piece is undoubtedly counterfeit.

There are other ways of checking if a Rolex watch is authentic or not. Find out if the piece is doubtfully light-weight. Is the backside clear? Is the material used in the construction of high-quality?

If you still suspect that the piece is counterfeit, then you can compare it to pictures of the real watch. On the Rolex website, you can find a complete catalog of all Rolex watches produced by the company over the years, with several pictures of each model.

There you have it. Make sure that the Rolex watch you purchase is genuine.