Why you should choose A Rolex, but not an Omega or Tudor

Rolex is the staple of luxury watches. They have built their brand over a century of hard work, discipline, and ambition. Today, the Rolex brand is the pinnacle of the watch market. Nonetheless, can other luxury brands, like Tudor or Omega, compete with Rolex?


Rolex is Better Than Their Younger Brother Tudor

Tudor is a sub-brand of Rolex, but there is a reason Tudor is not their own brand. They are looked upon as a budget version of Rolex watches, and it shows in their designs and parts used. Rolex watches have their own in-house made movements ticking, while Tudor uses lower quality Swiss ETA movements, which are inferior to the ones in Rolex watches. That being said it is obvious, that Rolex watches have an advantage in the quality of the watches, but that is not all. Rolex is also way more prominent brand than Tudor, as it should be. You will have a hard time impressing others if you own a Tudor, but Rolex is a whole other story. Rolex is a symbol of wealth and status, and it is even more important advantage of this brand over Tudor.


Rolex is More Valuable Than Omega

Omega, another company at the top of the watch market, is a good brand. But being "good" is not enough if you try to compete against Rolex. The first advantage of Rolex watches over Omega is that Rolex designs are designed by more experienced experts, and it results in more breath-taking look, compared to Omega. The attention of detail that Rolex gives to their watches is unbeatable by Omega. Another important detail to know when comparing these two brands is that Rolex can be an investment. The resell value of this brand increases year after year, so you can be sure that you are not wasting any money while buying a Rolex. Sadly, another story can be told about Omega. Their watches tend to deteriorate in value over time, so you would end up losing money if you choose to buy a watch of this brand.


Rolex Replicas are Superior

If you are looking for a luxury replica watch, Rolex is the brand to go. The most important reason is that Rolex is a more prominent watch brand, and it results in more advanced replicas. Because Rolex is the pinnacle of the watch brand, replica makers have spent entire decades mastering their own products, and they have come as close as possible to the real thing. On the other side, Omega and Tudor brands are not as popular, thus replica makers are not spending a lot of time and resources mastering their replicas. As a result, Rolex replica watches are the most popular and the highest quality product you can get.