Supply Chain Visibility

Get a clear view of your supply chain activity in real time.

Weft™ makes visualizing your supply chain simple

Shippers and logistics service providers struggle with making decisions based on inaccurate, outdated or missing data. They lack the visibility to see where exceptions are happening and their causes until it is too late.

Location data, once you have it, by itself is not sufficient. Track and trace capabilities are only part of the equation. Without knowing the cause and context of an issue, supply chain managers lack the information to understand the magnitude of the issue or how to mitigate it.

To identify and avoid disruptions before they happen, you need global situational awareness and context of shipments in a visual user interface.

"Visual displays can dramatically speed up the decision-making process."
- Dr. Bruce Arntzen, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

A Single Source of Truth for Supply Chain Information

Weft™ makes it easy to see your assets in real-time and what is going on around them. Eliminate uncertainty and improve operations with supply chain visualization and global situational awareness. See where your assets are to:

  1. Predict arrival and ensure the right resources are in place.
  2. Pinpoint and avoid disruptions, enact contingency plans.
  3. Collaborate across the business so every stakeholder has the information they need to improve.

The Complete Picture in Minutes

Data based on feeds, not reports or documents, reveals the actual, live activity of your assets, including dwell times, delays, route deviations and discrepancies between actual versus reported locations. You will know when a shipment will be delayed by weather, congestion, labor issues or other factors. See when, where and how much cargo will arrive to scale labor and equipment for optimal utilization.

Prepared, Proactive, Agile Supply Chain

The Weft™ platform provides a visualization to aid in decision-making and mitigating issues. It can help business leaders avoid and fix exceptions, improve collaboration with partners and customers, and see where to make changes to improve performance and reduce costs.


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