Supply Chain Intelligence

Get the information you need to reduce costs and improve network performance.

See what steps to take next with Weft™

Supply chain managers and industry analysts spend hours weeding through multiple systems, spreadsheets and documents to look for ways to avoid disruptions, cut costs and improve processes.

The proliferation of the Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine communication and Industry 4.0 has increased the amount of available data exponentially. But just because the data exists does not mean it is meaningful or makes sense. Business leaders want more than just the data, they want to see what is most important and what steps to take next.

There is a delicate balance between the right types and volumes of data that enable action.

Instant, Actionable Supply Chain Insights

With Weft™ intelligence, you can identify areas that are costing you money and find ways to save right away. Get actionable information in minutes and stop wasting hours asking for updates and doing research.

  1. Get alerts and notifications about critical, time-sensitive issues and exceptions.
  2. Use reports to evaluate your fleet, partners and network of service providers.
  3. See where processes are defective and breaking down.

Stay Up To Date as it Happens

Anticipate exceptions or disruptions rather than waiting to learn that something has happened. Our analytics engine combines collected machine-to-machine data with contextual data to produce actionable insights and predict delays before they cause disruptions or interrupt the flow of goods. Stakeholders throughout the business have access to the complete, real-time data, but get the important information up front.

Meaningful Decision Support Data

Your supply chain, in one place and easy to understand. Analysis of ongoing visibility data provides an objective tool to make better decisions, such as selecting partners, routes or modes. Weft™ analyzes your entire fleet performance against the aggregate, so you can maximize utilization, increase efficiency and automate billing. Pinpoint correctable flaws in the processes and operations of your company, partners, customers and overall network.


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