Supply Chain Innovation

Find new opportunities to improve supply chain strategy and resiliency.

Drive Incremental Business Improvement Using Weft™

Leaders in the shipping industry are constantly expected to do more with less. In order to increase your bottom line, every link in the supply chain has to work together like a well-oiled machine.

A Tool to Rethink Supply Chain Strategy

Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, Weft™ makes supply chain innovation simple. Stop reacting to new regulations, changing consumer demands and other business changes and start anticipating future developments.

  1. Identify trends and risks to increase supply chain resiliency.
  2. Know where to invest in the network with predictive and prescriptive insights.
  3. Improve service, reduce expediting and improve compliance with regulations.

Diagnose Internal or External Supply Chain Problems

Now you can arm your business with Weft™ solutions for supply chain and risk management. Evaluate risks to your supply chain with Weft™ insights to help mitigate loss and improve asset security. We send you alerts about disruptions, so you can make better decisions to divert shipments or dispatch other resources to cover. Reduce transportation spend, landed costs and expenses related to supply chain disruption by identifying and eliminating risk and volatility.

Better Supply Chain Design, Freight Allocation and Policy Decisions

The Weft™ platform provides a complete view of your network, enabling you to see gaps, inefficient routes and areas that aren’t pulling their weight. Our insights and analytics support demand forecasting, showing you where to make investments for the biggest returns. Enable long-term improvements like reducing inventory, finding more cost-effective modes and supporting new business opportunities.

Grow Revenues and Uncover Long-Term Cost Savings

Once you can see more, you can find additional opportunities to improve operations and add value. Weft™ insights process both historical and present data to identify areas and conditions with higher risk for loss. We provide global visibility of your assets and products to pinpoint which areas and conditions increase risk, and where and when disruptions are likely to occur. Knowing how to mitigate loss allows you to reduce excess fleet and distributors, streamline operations and reduce costs.


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