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Shippers keep strict schedules for getting their products to market, and missing deadlines means incurring fees or product losses. For high-value and perishable, cold-chain products, any changes in the condition of the environment can mean huge losses. Additionally, there is a risk of theft or tampering any time your products are in transit.

High-Value Assets

Mitigate loss with real-time asset tracking and monitoring. Protect your business from loss, damages and fees by implementing Weft™ tracking and monitoring solutions. Weft™ asset tracking solutions can help shippers comply with Customs or other regulations and meet the need for greater visibility and transportation efficiency. The inconspicuous and tamper-proof devices send you alerts to any anomalous activity, including large impact, changes in temperature, humidity, light and more.

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Cold Chain

Weft™ provides track and trace analytics and asset condition monitoring. Cold chain products require more care and attention to prevent spoilage. Not only do products need to arrive on time, but they have to get there in the right condition. A change in temperature, humidity, light or other condition could mean huge losses for your business.

With Weft™ international track and trace software, you receive real-time updates and insights, giving you the power to react to quickly and resolve any issues. No longer will you find out about spoiled cargo after it’s too late. The Weft™ notification system is customized to your requirements and sends you alerts if conditions go beyond the range you set.

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Cargo Owners

Weft™ helps reduce shrinkage and increases security of assets from the warehouse to the consumer. Cargo owners need to know immediately if any tampering has occurred, but require a discreet monitoring solution that doesn’t indicate the high value of goods to would-be thieves. Increasing security issues have resulted in additional regulations on shippers, requiring them to trace a shipment along each step of the journey all the way back to its origin.

Our solutions offer reassurance and confidence in knowing the location and condition of your assets anytime, anywhere. Beyond historical and present data, Weft™ provides predictive and prescriptive insights to empower logistics managers to make shipping more efficient and possibly reduce the number of distributors.

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