To increase their bottom line, truckers need better fleet management and more precise billing capabilities. The lack of visibility into your assets in real-time leaves you open to missed opportunities, product loss and other costs.

Even if you can track your equipment, not knowing where there is traffic, both on the roads and in ports, makes avoiding congestion or optimizing routes on-the-go impossible.

Weft™ fleet management solutions give truckers the ability to see exactly where their assets are in real-time. You can quickly and easily locate assets in the field to better facilitate equipment management - maximizing utilization, reducing relocation costs and preventing loss. On top of that, our analytics show the road ahead. You can avoid disruptions, such as street traffic and port congestion and find an alternate route to get there faster. You’ll know exactly where your fleet and equipment are at all times, empowering you to easily coordinate with dispatchers. Track all movement and use of your equipment and automate billing to reduce errors and in-the-field maintenance costs.

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