Freight forwarders are always looking to identify new client and route strategies. Both increased flexibility and optimized capacity lead to better reliability for your customers and improved operating margins for your business.

How can you react quickly to changes if you didn’t see them coming? How can account managers properly assign resources if they don’t know what is available?

With so many moving parts and sources of information, detecting and correcting reporting discrepancies and errors would mean exponential cost savings for your business. You need a global view of your operations, but don’t have time to implement and train your team on another system.

Using Weft™’s predictive and prescriptive analytics, freight forwarders can see the whole field to know what obstacles are in your way and which players to play. You can make the best business decisions based on reliable, complete information, all in one place and with simple integration with existing systems.

Weft™ gives operations managers the flexibility to respond to last-minute changes, transport schedule disruptions and co-signee updates by providing a comprehensive, real-time global view of operations. Knowing where and when cargo will arrive lets account managers assign the resources needed to optimize capacity and manpower.

Our insights make it clear which decisions will help reduce costs and improve the bottom line. Not only can you save on operational costs, but your customers will keep coming back for your reliable service, increasing your customer lifetime value.

With our supply chain insights, Weft™ lets you focus on strategic planning and gives you the information to pinpoint areas for improvement, maximize network performance and explore new prospects and route opportunities.

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