A supply chain isn’t as simple as moving cargo from point A to point B. Once it is loaded onto a shipping container, cargo is transferred onto planes, trains and trucks to go to warehouses, distribution centers and retail outlets, with various ports and hand-offs in between, before ending up in our homes and offices.

We believe that having a complete view of the supply chain makes logistics decisions at the link level clearer. Making the best decisions requires having all the relevant information, but too much data leads to information overload.

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When we looked at the solutions available in 2013, we noticed the similarities they have with the supply chain: fragmented and specialized. There are separate tools for tracking different modes; other tools offer analytics, but no tracking; all of the tools are too expensive and take too long to implement.

What business leaders really need is a comprehensive picture of the supply chain, including each leg of the journey, each transfer, any potential obstacle and what the next steps should be.

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Weft™ completes the fragmented logistics picture by weaving geospatial temporal data with contextual information and pulling out the insights to optimize business productivity.

To get beyond dots on a map, we included information about external variables that could have an impact on the supply chain. By ingesting feeds of data on weather, congestion, politics and economics and more, we can provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on supply chain networks, route density, capacity, utilization and global trade.

Weft™ is a global logistics data company that combines sensors and supply chain analytics to help businesses gain real-time asset intelligence, reduce disruption and improve operational productivity. For true end-to-end transparency, Weft™ uses every piece of data available, through proprietary sensors and external sources, to weave a comprehensive picture and enable smarter logistics

The Weft™ platform

  • Predictive Analytics & Optimization Reports
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Asset Tracking Visualization & ERP Integration
  • Customizable Alert System
  • and More
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The Weft™ Shuttle™

  • Positioning accuracy down to 1.5m
  • Longest-lasting Battery Life
  • Urban and Indoor Location Accuracy with Wifi
  • Mesh Networks using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • and More
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